MathMap Cocoa

Application V1.2.4-1

MathMap Cocoa is the result of porting the MathMap GIMP plugin by
Mark Probst to Mac OS X and providing it with an advanced Aqua GUI.

It can be used to render spectacular new images or distort existing
ones by transforming them according to a mathematical formula.
By the same principle, you can use time-variant expression to create
QuicktimeTM movies.

For more information please have a look at the Application Overview.

If you want to start MathMap-ing right now, simply get the binary
, install it and explore your creativity (this version already
includes the introductory video which makes it slightly larger
than necessary :). You are also invited to have a look at the
GUI tutorial, the language tutorial and the language reference.

If you're curious about what has been changed lately, take a look at
the Change Log to see which new and exciting features have been
added in the latest release. And finally for you tech-spec guys a
technical specification is available too.

If you are a developer or just interested for the fun of it, take a look
at the Source Code, read the DevFAQ and if you want to help,
send me E-mail.

Any further questions? Look at the FAQ. If your question isn't
answered there either, please also drop me a mail.

This project is released under the GNU General Public License so
don't forget to honor that license (take a look at the GPL FAQ
if you do not know what that means)

Remember: Software should be free.

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