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The Old Pages

Older Stuff not (yet) converted ...


About the Old Pages

The previous incarnation of THE 13TH FLOOR had no Index or Welcome Page, and whoever wanted to reach it, had to know the exact location.

This saved a lot of trouble with companies crawling the web, writing silly stuff about how to improve your webpages by using their famous tools, etc., but also practically limited the access to those who knew where to look.

Software Page

This was the first page providing an overview of publically available software. If you look for ancient stuff, or just want to know what I did a view years ago, have a look.

VServer Page

That page was created to have a start point for those interested in Context Quota Support, including the required patches, an (incomplete) howto and links to various places.

Virtual Server Patches

Here you could get the most recent patches for virtual server support as well as various Patch Sets to aid and simplify custom kernel creation.