VServer Patches and Patch Sets

Unofficial CTX Patches

Here you can find unofficial patches for various kernels (pre and rc versions, as well as additional patches to improve vserver kernels and tools). Please visit virtual private servers and security contexts by Jacques Gélinas if you are looking for the official patches and/or tools.

By the way, Paul Sladen keeps some useful info, an archive of the mailing list as well as a (mostly) useful FAQ.

Optional update/downgrade to/from Jacques' Patches
(should apply to any patch/patchset since 2.4.21)

Latest stable kernel 2.4.22 / VServer release CTX-17a

Latest release candidate kernel 2.4.22 / VServer release CTX-17

Previous stable kernel 2.4.2x / VServer release CTX-17

Patch Sets I used/tested for VServer

My nomenclature schema (to save you and me time) is


where in <type>, 'p' stands for 'prerelease', 'r' for 'release candidate' and '' for 'release' followed by the (pre)release (candidate) version number, and in <ctx>, 'c' for 'ctx' followed by the ctx version number. <extension> is my way to distinguish patch sets of same type and ctx.

Please remember, these patches and patch sets are usually
unofficial and often untested, so do not expect release quality.

Mandrake VServer (S)RPMS

All patches, patch sets, RPMs, extensions and tools are released under the GNU
General Public License
so don't forget to honor that license (take
a look at the GPL FAQ if you do not know what that means)

Remember: Software should be free.

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