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Linux-VServer L26 Stable

Stable Releases (Production Quality)

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Latest Stable Release

... is Stable Release 2.2.0

  • this is the new stable branch

Previous Stable Releases

Stable Release 2.02

  • improved kernel thread isolation
  • per context I/O priority and queueing
  • priority bias for context scheduling
  • improved context even synchronization
  • file attribute support for jfs
  • context information on system messages
  • improved debug system
  • improved state/event helper
  • various fixes and enhancements
  • fixes for alpha, arm, ia64, mips, sparc

Stable Release 2.01

  • bugfix for task/load accounting
  • bugfix for interface visibility
  • fixed endianess issue with loopback
  • fixed reiserfs attribute handling
  • utsname fix for ppc64 (tx Serge)
  • corrected scheduler return codes
  • proper module support for vroot
  • dlimit cleanup and improvements
  • extended and cleaned up debug features
  • cleanup of the attribute layer
  • various code cleanups ...
  • added ioprio support

Stable Release 2.0

  • initial release