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Linux-VServer L26 Development

Development Releases (Test Quality)

for a quick overview have a look at the Installation Considerations.

Latest Development Release

... is Dev Release 2.1.1

the following features have been added:

  • Per CPU Fair/Hard Scheduler
  • Per Context System Time
  • Dentry Accounting and Limits
  • Lock Accounting and Limits
  • Slab and Page Fault Accounting
  • Context Privacy (Admin)
  • Context Locking (reactivated)
  • Context Capability Masking
  • Full JFS Filesystem Support
  • Full OCFS2 Filesystem Support

the following features have been enhanced:

  • CoW Link Breaking (chmod/chown)
  • Fake Init and Proc Checks
  • Socket Accounting
  • Syscall Command Security
  • Context Helper
  • Persistent Contexts
  • Memory/Swap/Cache Info Virtualization
  • PID Virtualization for External Code

the following debug mechanisms have been added:

  • Scheduling Monitor
  • Runtime History Tracing
  • Barrier and Trace Checks/Info

further changes and improvements:

  • Improved UTS Virtualization for (alpha, m32r, mips, parisc, powerpc, sh, sparc, um)
  • Improved Trap Information (context) for (alpha, arm, x86, ia64, m32k, m68k, mips, parisc, powerpc, s390, sh, sparc, x86_64)
  • IRQ Context (Un)Tagging for (alpha, cris, frv, x86, m32r, mips, powerpc, sh, um, v850, x86_64, xtensa)
  • Removed devfs legacy
  • Obsoleted Memory Split (now in mainline)

Dev Release 2.1.0

  • Bind Mount Extensions (for ro --bind mounts)
  • Copy on Write (CoW) link breaking
  • I/O scheduler queue per context (CFQ)
  • Quota Hashes (prereq. for per Context Quota)
  • kernel thread protection/handling
  • persistent/empty Context Support
  • XID propagation (non persistent tagging)
  • improved debug support