VServer Context Quota

Virtual Server per Context Quota Support

This is a set of additions (patches, tools) to the virtual private servers
and security contexts
by Jacques Gélinas (make sure to visit his pages,
and/or have a look at the mailing list archive, kept by Paul Sladen, if
you are interested) and the linux quota-tools.

This is the first attempt to add per context quota support to the linux
kernel vserver project (new context, and per-context user/group quota),

Nevertheless it seems to work as expected, at least in my tests.
Curious how it works? Want to know what you can do with it?
Don't know what has changed since ...? See the ChangeLog.

If you are interested (and brave), get the patches below, patch your
kernel, run some tests and, last but not least, report your findings ...

If you are looking for CTX patches/patch sets, please visit my
VServer Patches Page.

Latest stable kernel 2.4.21 / VServer CTX-17

Latest kernel release candidate 2.4.21-rc2 / VServer CTX-17

Previous stable kernel 2.4.20 / VServer CTX-14/CTX-17

Stable kernel 2.4.19 / VServer release CTX-14

quota-tools (vquota patches)

vquota-tools (required to setup vroot device)

vserver capablity extension

Please remember, this is a development release, so you are welcome
to try, but it's too early to expect completeness.

These patches, extensions and tools are released under the GNU
General Public License
so don't forget to honor that license (take
a look at the GPL FAQ if you do not know what that means)

Remember: Software should be free.

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©2002 Herbert P÷tzl