LILO Splash Screen GIMP Script-Fu

What is it?

A Script-Fu utility for converting an RGB or Grayscale image and a selection within to a special indexed image suitable for LILO-gfx splash screens.

What should it do?

Functional description: It converts an RGB/Grayscale image to an indexed one, selecting appropriate colors for the image and a special region of interest (the current selection) where the boot menu shall reside. This is done by first duplicating the selection and its inversion, converting both to indexed images, then adding a modified color palette (ADD/SUB) required for the menu bar, and finally recombining all palette colors to a single 256 color palette.

How can I use it?

Don't know, but take a look at my Example for some ideas.

What else is to say?

Additional information regarding the LILO-gfx patch can be found at
Because it seems there is no lilo-gfx patch for the current versions of LILO publically available, I simply adapted the existing one ... ;) Beware - the 21.7.3 version is tested, and you should have no problems there. The 21.7.4 is not, however, it applies nicely to lilo-21.7.4 and lilo-21.7.5 (feedback appreciated).
If you do not succeed in creating a fancy boot screen, I urge you to HAVE A LOOK at MY EXAMPLE.

How to get it?

That's easy! Download the current version ... ... and the example if you like to ...


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