Developed for Linux ...

  • GIMP Script-Fu for LILO Splash Screens:

    A Script-Fu utility for converting an RGB or Grayscale image and a selection within to a special indexed image suitable for LILO-gfx splash screens.
  • gif2lss:

    small C utility for converting 16 color GIF images to the fancy LSS encoding required for H.Peter Anvin's SYSLINUX utility.

Developed for MacOS X ...

  • MathMap Cocoa:

    MathMap Cocoa strives to be a brilliant combination of high-tech mathematical formular compiler and comfortable, easy to use graphical frontend. Oh, and besides this, it does wonderful things to images.
  • MultiTerm:

    MultiTerm aims to become an extendible Terminal Emulation which provides a high quality (nice look and feel) user interface for everyday terminal work.

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