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Linux and Open Source Consulting

Why Linux?

well, let me give you a few reasons ...

Linux is reliable

Linux systems, just like any other Unix systems, run for years without any failure or degradation. Except for a kernel update, there is no need to reboot a Linux system.

Linux is performant

For almost all purposes, the hardware requirements are minimal, and modern hardware can be used to run hundreds of 'virtual servers' in parallel.

Linux is multi-platform

Linux ports provide completely functional systems for at least a dozen hardware platforms, including, but not limited to: alpha, arm, hppa, i386, ia64, m32r, m68k, mips, powerpc, s390, superh, and x86_64.

Linux is free

by far not the strongest argument, but definitely a good one.

No proprietory protocols

Open protocols are used exclusively, thus avoiding any vendor or product dependency and increasing cross system interoperability.

No privacy issues

As result of having the source code available, functions that would violate our privacy can and would be detected by an army of Linux enthusiasts.

No limits

Whether it comes to extendability or portability, Linux always provides whatever necessary.